Does electrical stimulation enhance post-exercise performance recovery?

Elite sport requires high-volume and highintensity training that inevitably induces neuromuscular fatigue detrimental for physical performance.Improving recovery processes is, therefore, fundamental and to this, a wide variety of recovery modalities could be proposed. Among them, neuromuscular electrical stimulation is largely adopted particularly by endurance-type and team sport athletes.


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Creatine Kinase Levels during EMS Training

After a full-body EMS training session (strength program) your Creatine Kinase Levels (CK-levels) can be excessively high, far beyond the normal average value. In case you have your blood analysed 2-6 days after your last EMS-session, it is important to inform the responsible doctor of your recent EMS-training activity to prevent incorrect interpretation of your increased CK-levels.

Conventional Training vs. EMS Training

In conventional Training when one performs any exercise, their brain sends a message down the spinal cord through the nerves innervating all the muscles causing them to contract

In EMS Training an outside electrical source stimulates the nerves to send these signals to your muscle to contract. This is achieved by passing electrical currents through electrode pads placed over a muscle. The current passes through electrode pads placed over a muscle. The current passes through the skin to the nerves in the contact area, stimulating the connecting muscles to contract. Electrodes are attached to muscles and wired to the XBody device that sends low-level electricity through the skin to stimulate nerve and muscle fibers.


Assessing CK levels

Muscular damage resulting from vigorous exercise is a common and normal event. Athletes often feel muscular soreness between 8 and 48 hours postexcercise, with peak levels occuring at around 48 hours. This soreness is thought to be the result of the muscular damage that can occur with any type of high-intensity workout. Although it is normal to sustain muscular damage with excercise, excessive damage can cause a condtion kown as extertional rhabdomyolysis, the degeneration of skeletal muscle caused by ecxessive unaccustomed excerise.

One of the most valid and reliable methods for assessing muscular damage is to check for increases in blood serum levels of creatine kinase (CK), the primary enzyme regulating anaerobic metabolism, because a high percentage of the body´s CK is present in skeletal muscle tissue. Assessing CK levels has been commonplace for more than 3 decades in studies investigsting muscular damage.


Rhabdomylysis is a primary concern for clients training with EMS

Risk factors for extertional rhabdomylysis includes exercising in very hot and humid environments, not drinking enough water (dehydration), weight lifting, CrossFit, poor physical conditioning, fatigue and prior history of heat exhaustion. Although the prevalence and incidence of exterrional rhabdomylysis are not known due to the inherent fatigue, dehydration and blunt trauma that occur while playing football, exertional rhabdomylysis is a primary concern for clients training with EMS.

Solution for EMS clients

We have made several researches on the risk of high creatine kinase (CK) values and ended up with creating a client consent that includes all the factors and preautions to avoid severe health problems. A rise in the CK activity can be found 4 to 8 hours after the training. CK activity reaches a maximum after 12 to 24 hours and then falls back to the normal range after 3 to 4 days.

High CK levels because of:

  • Brain injury or stroke, scizophrenia
  • Bonvulsions
  • Delirium tremens, alcohol consumption
  • Polymyositis
  • Heart attack
  • Myocarditis
  • Pulmonary infarction
  • Muscular dystrophies
  • Myopathy
  • Cancer treatment

Recommendation for studio owners

Therefore we recommend having an interview with the clients in depth when starting with training based on EMS technology. The trainer must be aware of all consequences caused by EMS Training. Hortobabyi/ Denehan (1989) showed that is not uncommon for healthy excercising athletes to have high blood CK levels. High resting CK levels were attributed to decreased enzyme removal from the blood, permantly damaged muscle cell membranes as a result of chronic physical stress. This is a result also in higher level of protein breakdown and higher lean body mass of athletes.


To sum up, elevated levels of myoglobin in the blood can have toxic effect on the glomerular filtration rate (kidney fuction) causing potential failure of the organ, especially in dehydration cases. Therefore EMS trainers need to provide proactive rehydration (Program Water Drinking) for thier clients.

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Benefits of EMS Training

Why EMS Technology?

  • Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) has many advantages over traditional fitness technologies:
  • Time saving (only 20 minutes/ 2 times a week)
  • Results come quickly and visibly
  • Works for any age, size, weight, gender or physical condition (in case of injuries or pain the training can be still effectively used)


Benefits of EMS Training

  • elicits a stronger contraction in the muscles: grown in muscle strength and size
  • improves the capillary network of soft tissues
  • fights against cellulite: better blood supply; muscle pump is the most effective way against cellulite
  • increases enzyme activity, growth hormone; muscle building
  • increases the amount of mitochondria
  • prevents from osteporosis and bone braking
  • enhances maximal strength potential
  • decreases body fat percentage: the effective strengthening training makes the body a real calorie burning oven
  • time saving: the whole muscular system is activated at the same time (whole body training)
  • targeted muscle building: every impulse hits the muscle precisely
  • relieving the joints: impulses are only targeted to muscles
  • balancing muscle system: outer impulses help the weaker links of the body to improve
  • posture improvement: impulses train also the deeper stabilizing muscles



Many studies has proven the positive benefits of EMS Training!

Research on the use of EMS Training as a method of training of skeletal muscle has increased over the past decade. Several studies have indicated that this training modality enable the development of maximal force and other benefits (also in the field of medical and beauty treatment; e.g. cellulite)

Why XBody?

  • User-friendly, clear and easy to use touchscreen
  • All Xbody devices have a 10” touch screen to make the workout a comfortably easy experience. There’s no need to use complicated buttons any more
  • User-friendly, clear and easy to use touchscreen
  • All Xbody devices have a 10” touch screen to make the workout a comfortably easy experience. There’s no need to use complicated buttons any more
  • You can easily choose between different trainings programs like strength training, cardiovascular training, massage and video training
  • You have also the opportunity to make adjustments in every trainings program (Hertz, Gain, Impulse, Pause, Depth of Impulse)
  • Multilingual system
  • Client´s data can be saved and recorded
  • The Owner can follow income of purchased training cards, edit trainer and set time
  • Top modern designed suit
  • Easily to suit up
  • Every Pads, Cables  and Electrods inside the suit
  • Every single Pad is replaceable
  • Pads are very resistant
  • Option Pads like Calf and Shoulders


Quality in all parts of the product

  • ISO Certification in Production and Distribution
  • FIBO Award Winner 2014


XBody is:

1. Result oriented
2. Time saving
3. No pain
4. Low investment costs
5. Low running costs
6. 92% is our target
7. Unique product with unique design
8. Most developed EMS technology


EMS is going to be the business of the forthcoming 10 years in the field of fitness, health and beauty industy.

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What is EMS Training?

Theoretical Background

Electrodes placed on the skin pass a gentle electrical current through its surface which activate muscles and nerves which in turn produce a contraction of the targeted muscle group.

header_ems-emaConventional Training vs. EMS Training

Conventional Training

When one performs any exercise, their brain sends a message down the spinal cord through the nerves innervating all the muscles causing them to contract

EMS Training

An outside electrical source stimulates the nerves to send these signals to your muscle to contract. This is achieved by passing electrical currents through electrode pads placed over a muscle. The current passes through electrode pads placed over a muscle. The current passes through the skin to the nerves in the contact area, stimulating the connecting muscles to contract. Electrodes are attached to muscles and wired to the XBody device that sends low-level electricity through the skin to stimulate nerve and muscle fibers.

EMS versus Conventional Training

How EMS Training works

image001The proposed advantage of using EMS is that the recruitment order is reversed relative to volitional exercise. During volitional activity, the central nervous system first activates the smallest alpha motoneurons. With increasing levels of required force, progressively larger motoneurons are activated. This recruitment order, dependent on the size of the alpha motoneuron, has been termed the ‘Hennemann´sche size principle’’ of motor unit recruitment.


The size of alpha motoneurons is related to the type of muscle fiber innervated by the motoneuron. Slow oxidative (SO) muscle fiber types are typically recruited first, whereas fast glycolitic (FG) are the most difficult to recruit during volitional activation. The order of muscle fiber recruitment is reversed when the muscle is activated via electrical stimulation, with the largest-diameter muscle fibers (FG) being recruited first and the smaller-diameter (SO) muscle fibers being recruited later.

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XBody Refresh Spray

Keep your suits fresh and clean

XBody Hungary is proud to introduce an innovative and unique accessory.


XBody Refresh Spray is a technological breakthrough – seeks out and bonds with odor molecules, permanently turning them into non-odor molecules.

Carefully selected ingredients – citronelle oil – sanitize amd deodorize naturally keeping your suits fresh and clean.


Contact us for more details!

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Is Benzema’s electrical jacket helping him?

There’s a big difference nowadays in terms of what’s available to players when it comes to assisting their recovery strategies compared to previous times. A recent item in AS featured Karim Benzema wearing an electrical stimulation jacket to strengthen his core muscles; and this typifies how modern players are embracing new technology.  It seems that these stimulatory belts are all the rage in Germany at the moment.  Bayern Munich are reported to use these, but are not currently used to the same degree in Spain. The stimulation garments are essentially worn in the same way as that of an abdominal toning belt; only on a much bigger scale.  Benzema uploaded a picture of himself wearing this electrical stimulation jacket earlier this month onto his Facebook page and feels that it helps to condition his muscles in a far more thorough way than through conventional exercise.  The article went on to explain why Benzema favours this new method of training; and he now features on the manufacturers web pages using the equipment.

Used extensively (and also publicised) by Usain Bolt amongst other athletes, these electro-stimulation jackets similar to the one used by Karim Benzema typically cost between 10,000 and 20,000€ each dependent on the model. The benefits are said to include helping to reduce body fat and increase muscular tone.  Another benefit is said to be an improvement in both speed and reaction, since the system is claimed to target the fast-twitch Type 2 muscle fibres, which are the muscle fibres associated with being able to fire rapidly as opposed to endurance-based Type 1 slow twitch muscles.  Sprinters have been shown to possess between 75 – 80% of Type 2 fast twitch fibres while marathon runners usually have a predominance of Type 1 slow twitch muscle fibres.  As a footballer, Karim Benzema will have a predominance of the fast twitch Type 2 fibres which the system is said to stimulate.

The concept of electrical muscle stimulation is not entirely new.  The ancient Greeks used electric eels to stimulate muscle tissue and this is one of the techniques that has successfully carried over into modern times with equipment becoming more and more advanced and aimed at the high level athlete. Karim has certainly looked very strong this season, rarely being knocked off the ball, and it appears that using the electro-stimulation jacket has helped in some way.  The usual form of electro-stimulation for muscle strengthening consists either of a few pads which are self-adhesive and can be fixed to the thigh, for example, which is a favourite for footballers, or worn as a belt with the stimulation pads self-contained. The model worn by Benzema is a complete jacket which encompasses the waist and chest, and also has attachments in the upper thigh.

When it comes to core strength, the back, abdominals and groin / hip region are all connected as injury or weakness in the one region will affect the others. Collectively, this region is known as the ‘core’ and the debate continues as to whether the concept of ‘core stability’ actually exists. Theories about core stability centre on the fact that the body has two different kinds of functional muscles; the superficial muscles which produce the actual movements, and the underlying deeper muscles which stabilise the joints in order to allow the superficial muscles to work.  In the abdominal region and lumbar spine for example, the superficial muscles are the ‘six-pack’ and erectors of the spine while the deeper muscles – aka the core – are the smaller intervertebral muscles which act as stabilisers and hold the spine in place while the movements take place.

Traditionally, the favourite way to train core stability is to exercise using a Swiss ball. This encourages activation of the core muscles which improves stability and balance in addition to strengthening the deeper muscles. The electro-stimulation suits work on the same principles and encourage development of the deeper muscles and are reported to produce an increase in toning and fat loss which aids performance in addition to contributing towards injury prevention.  It is thought that having a strong ‘core’ or middle region helps to prevent lower back pain in general and for that reason ‘core stability’ exercises form an integral component of any lower back rehabilitation programme.

In the old days players would do endless amounts of sit ups in the belief that in order to kick a football you needed to have strong stomach muscles.  In today’s game, we now talk about players needing to have a strong ‘core’ in order to be able to hold off opponents and to kick the ball.  The principles are exactly the same and the only difference between having a strong core and having strong stomach muscles is in the name.   It used to be a hundred sit-ups a day for most professional players, now it’s a daily session on a Swiss ball; or for Karim Benzema a couple of hours a day wearing a stimulatory jacket!


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The secret of Karim Benzema is a slimming suit – XBody Netherlands

It has been known as the ‘Bolt Method': it helps to win reaction rate. Karim Benzema shared a photo on Facebook performing this type of training.
The great performance of Benzema has a secret: the electrostimulation suit. The French sportsmen trains hard at his home with this new technology that is becoming fashionable. He uploaded on Facebook a photo conducting this type of training. Guillermo Tabuyo, Kinatra’s personal trainer and expert in this method, explained to “AS” magazine what does this type of training constitutes of  “electrostimulation suit helps you to lose fat and gain muscle mass. In addition, you gain explosiveness (it works on the type ‘2’ fibers) and reaction rate. With this method you get to deeper fibers, which you do not reach with conventional training. It gives you that extra which you do not have at the soccer field training”.
Daniel Sanchez, responsible personal trainer of Efit Móstoles, working with this type of training also examines the positive effects of the suit: “This training helps you in muscle toning, that is why you look thinner when you are doing it. For professional soccer players it can help to enhance the lower part of the body. However it does not only serve to enhance a particular area of the body. The suit has programs that are ideal for recovery after a big effort or treatment after an injury because it is a training without any impact on the joints “.
Guillermo endorses him: “In addition to treating injuries, working with electrostimulation also helps preventing them. Having more muscle is more secure. ” Looking back at Benzema’s sport season he was only out against Levante and that was due to a flu.
The price of these electrostimulation vests is between “10,000 and 20,000€”, depending on the training programs they offer and the model and brand. This method is not finished set in the professional teams of Spanish football but “It is used by all Bayern Munich team” says Daniel. In Spain, Codina is using it, and has been tried by veterans like Raul, Zidane and Guti, among others (the last two to keep the tone).
This working method is more widespread in other sports. Usain Bolt, for example, works with electrostimulation suit and has even videos on internet with this technology. The Method Bolt is working well for Benzema…
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Washable Suit!

 XBody training suits are designed to fit your every need. These ergonomical suits are easy to use and maintain, Each electrode can be removed for washing and the shorts are detachable from the jacket. So suit up and lets workout!

Benefits of EMS Training

There are so many reasons why it is important to be physically active and have a balanced exercise program. It helps us to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, have strong muscle and bones, feel better about ourselves, improve sleeping habits and increase our chances of a longer and healthier life. During XBody EMS training we target the whole body simultaneously, providing an intense workout with effective results in a shorter period of time. You only need to incorporate it twice a week into your exercise program to feel the results.

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