Why XBody

Here are the reasons why to choose XBody


The XBody device

Uniquely sleek and stylish design (Winner of the FIBO „Interior and Design“ Award 2014)

Utilize on latest IT technologies, like touch screen kiosks with Graphical User Interface

Online connected network of Fitness Club kiosk terminals

User-friendly, clear and easy to use touchscreen

All Xbody devices have a 10” touch screen to make the workout a comfortably easy experience. There’s no need to use complicated buttons any more

You can easily choose between different trainings programs like strength training, cardiovascular training, massage and video training

You have also the opportunity to make adjustments in every trainings program (Hertz, Gain, Impulse, Pause, Depth of Impulse)

Multilingual system

Client ́s data can be saved and recorded

The Owner can follow income of purchased training cards, edit trainer and set time

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The XBody Suit

Top modern designed suit

Easily to suit up

Every Pads, Cables and Electrods inside the suit

Every single Pad is replaceable

Pads are very resistant

Option Pads like Calf and Shoulders

Pads are adjustable (Inner Thighs)

Suit and Pads are washable (30° C)

Upper Body and Lower Body parts of the suit are changable so it will fit every different client

Pads are very good in saving water for optimal impulse- transfer


The XBody Quality

Quality in all parts of the product

ISO Certification in production and distribution

Future plans:





Video Training editor




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Get your XBody device – Now!


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